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Olive Oil Production – Farnoux Family

    Olive Oil Production – Farnoux Family
Summary: Thanks to the old original manufacturing process, the olive production of the Farnoux family [...]

Thanks to the old original manufacturing process, the olive production of the Farnoux family is highly appreciated.


To meet the high demand, from of November 2017, the mill rotates 24 hours a day.

Many restaurants in Paris and St-Jean-de-Luz in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques use in their recipes this sweet, fruity and fragrant taste of this artisanal olive oil.

As for the beautiful trees with soft silvery foliage, they are also millennia for most and perhaps even immortal! he who owns 1500 on his family estate, all more beautiful than each other with their different shapes and their gnarled trunks. It is a real pleasure to go wandering through the olive groves when the morning wind, nicknamed "Pontias" gently agitates ruffled antlers.

A mill with current standards

The current mill is at the edge of the road coming from Vaison-la-Romaine and leading to Mirabel-aux-Baronnies.

It was necessary to leave the old mill which was in Mirabel.

Mr Farnoux left the old mill with a small twinge in his heart but he knows that the new place is able to produce more olive oil and olive products.

The Oils

The producers of the Baronnies have known for a long time the specificity of their olives and their olive oil, because, following the freeze of 1956, the Union of the Tanche fought to obtain a name of origin judicial (1968), the only in France. In view of the needs of the consumer and the producer, to guarantee this production, Nyons olive oil and black olive obtained an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée in 1994 (now AOP), the first in France for this type of production. product. The area defined by the AOC covers 53 communes in the south of the Drôme and the north of Vaucluse and to be able to profit from this AOC, it is necessary to respect a certain number of criteria:
• Declaration of olive orchards, production, production and stock at the INAO (National Institute of Appellations of Origin). • Analysis and tasting of all batches before marketing to obtain the certificate of approval. ?
• Variety of the olive tree: Tench for at least 95% of the orchard. - Maximum density of planting on 413 trees / ha, maximum yield (6T / h), harvest of olives on the tree.

• Minimum size for canned olive of 14 mm, preparation without chemical or preservative.
• Extraction of the codified oil: maximum temperature 30%, maximum 6 days between picking and extraction.

Tench and various local varieties.

Le Vieux Moulin continues to serve a loyal clientele, which Alain Farnoux and his family have kept thanks to their love of traditional olive oil, made in the "stone mill":

3 generations working at the mill who have adapted to the challenges of modernisation, respecting the standards in force: a difficult job, in the steep streets of this beautiful village, but whose soul has remained  intact!


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