How To Rent / Book A Property In

Awesome Pumpkin Bookings

Booking requests are sent from Property’s Page.


Steps for the Guest:

  1. On the calendar select the desires dates using Check and Check Out options and add the guests number. The price per night (default or custom) can be seen when hovering over the calendar dates.
  2. You will see the total amount of money to be paid. This amount is the sum of all services the Host did include like: Cleaning Fee, City Fee, etc. Please note that not all Hosts add additional fees! Also if the Host has custom fees for certain nights/days you will see the full amount for default priced nights/days and the full amount for the custom priced nights/days.
  3. When you are done send request.


IMPORTANT: Only registered users can send requests!

If you are not registered you cannot send booking requests or send messages. These details are saved based on registered username.

Owner receives an email notification that a new booking request was received (or that a message was received if one is sent).


Next We Go On the Host’s Dashboard To Approve Or Reject The Request


Steps for the Host:

  1. See on Bookings and the request as the property too.
  2. Click on Issue Invoice.
  3. The Host will see all details as period for rent, total amount to be paid with the amount of required deposit.
  4. The Host can add additional expenses (laundry, child care …) or add a discount and after all details are set the invoice will be send.


IMPORTANT: The required Deposit Fee is the fee the Host pays to use the

Awesome Pumpkin Bookings System (APBS) and is a % from the total invoice amount.

This Deposit Fee doesn’t include City Fee or Cleaning Fee.

The owned balance will be paid out of APBS as Guest and Host arrange.


After the Host issue invoice or reject the request, the Guest will receive and email that an email was issued (request rejected) and his payment is needed for booking to be confirmed.

The Guest can confirm or reject the invoice.

The invoice shows all details of the booking.

All payment are secured and processed by PayPal.

When payment is confirmed, booking is confirmed as well and no one can delete the booking!

The Host will be notified that the booking was confirmed by the Guest.

After the awesome holiday, the Guest will be able to rate the accommodation.