Pair Of Glasses

A pair of glasses were left on the floor at a museum and everyone mistook it for art

Several visitors to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this week were fooled into thinking a pair of glasses set on the floor by a 17-year-old prankster was a postmodern masterpiece.

Soon, people began to surround them, maintaining a safe distance from the ‘artwork’ and several of them taking pictures.

The teen, called Khayatan tweeted the moment on 24 May and it’s already attracted over 45,000 retweets, ironically making the whole event a sort of modern art piece itself.

Khayatan previously had similar success with a baseball cap and a bin.

He also was quick to defend modern art though.

“I can agree that modern art can be a joke sometimes, but art is a way to express our own creativity”.

The supporters of a modern art insist that glasses on the floor it is an art!
The simple fact of putting glasses on the floor, trying to “trick” people, triggers questions and curiosity. And that’s what art is about : questions and emotions.

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