Things You Need to Know About Hacker Motives

The intention of hackers has changed through time. From being a single computer geek, hackers have now transformed into well-funded organizations operating illegally. Now that people are highly dependent on technology and the Internet, the opportunity for hackers to impede the activities of individuals online also rises.

In 2011, Richard Clarke, former security advisor to the White House, introduced the CHEW acronym, which pertains to the four types of hacking based on purpose.

CYBERCRIME – This is a type of hacker attack that is motivated by money. This is present in every country with skill level ranging from basic to advance.

HACKTIVISM – The primary motive of hacktivists is to protest against an institution or a person. They hack websites to spread out information and seek revenge. Some do this as a wake-up call to the mass and encourage them to join their cause.

ESPIONAGE – This attack is focused on acquiring confidential information to support national security and/or obtain an economic benefit.

WAR (cyber) – This attack is aimed at destroying or degrading a country. This is what they call “politics by other means.”

From individuals, government institutions, up to large companies, hackers are now shifting their focus to small- and medium-sized businesses or SMBs. Cyber-attacks harm the online operations of SMBs and may eventually cause them to stop operating. Cyber security solutions cost money. Hence, small companies that cannot afford it will be forced to take down their site. Furthermore, a few seconds of getting hacked may already cause a reputational loss.

Today, almost every transaction transpires online. As such, it is important that your partner website maintenance services provider is innovative and strategic when it comes to securing your website.

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