This Is Why Hair Stylists Always Wear Black Outfits

A hair salon is a place that we all go to, some of us more often than others. It’s the place where hair magic happens, where friends are being made and guilty-pleasure-inducing gossip takes place.

But, let me ask you something. Have you noticed that hairdressers in professional hair salons always seem to dress in black? This is because the employees in most professional salons follow a strict policy, and black is the standard of uniformity and professionalism. There are a few other reasons why hair stylists dress like this, however.

Black is a colour that looks good on anyone, and wearing it will allow the employees to look chic, modern and formal without looking like there has been an effort.

Concealing “collateral damage” is also a pretty good reason to why they always choose black. All of those chemicals that are used for styling can stain the outfit, but on black it’s not visible, and stylists even say that bleach on the outfit can be remedied with a Sharpie.

Black is also a less distracting backdrop for the customer, as hair salons place their customers in the number one spot, and if the customer is getting their hair dyed in a brighter colour, it might clash with the stylist’s similarly colored shirt, but wearing black means it won’t clash.

So, if your local hair salon dresses exclusively in black, now you know why. They’re obliged to wear it thanks to the dress code most professional salons have, but as you just learned, it has a few practical purposes.


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